Saturday, July 28, 2007

Twin pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of my twin and me! My sis looks slightly taller cause she was wearing heels but we're identical, born one minute apart. I'm the older one. Twins run in our family, on our dad's side. My husband has identical twin cousins, too. My sister and I are very close and are very similar & different in many ways. We went to a local twin event once and it was a trip seeing so many identical twins at one time! I just discovered this site about twins, Twins Network. It has a lot of info about twins. Cheers!

Sketch Challenge

I'm beginning to like these sketch challenges more and more because it helps me create my cards. Sometimes I can whip up a card and I'm done and happy with it. But then other times, that creative block hits me, and it could take me a couple of hours just to make one card, that I'm happy with. I can't be the only one who experiences this. I've heard of writer's block but I seriously think there's such a thing as a creative block, ha-ha!

Anyhoo, Tracy's Happy Place has a monthly Happiness Giveaway Challenge. I wanted to take part in this challenge because it's a sketch challenge. What's more of a challenge for me is that the card has to be for a guy. It's all in perfect timing because my girlfriend's having a birthday party for her husband, so here's his birthday card and my submission for Tracy's challenge! For a personal touch, I added some beads. Thanks, Tracy for the challenge! Check out Tracy's site. I love last weeks music clip with Chris Daughtry! I bought his CD after seeing his clip from Tracy's site.
Stamps set: Asian by Stamp Craft; DP: Memory Box and Fancy Pants.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Caffeine headache

Ever have one of those caffeine withdrawal headaches? I skipped my daily cup of coffee this morning and by late afternoon, my head was pounding. I decided to have a cup of coffee after dinner. Now, I can't sleep! So, here I am in front of the computer.

Here's a card that I'm sending out this week. I used heat & stick powder to set the glitter and a retired SU! stamp set, All That I've Seen. I punched out the sentiment from preprinted vellum paper that I bought from the scrapbook store.

Here's my power tool - the ATG 700 tape gun! I used to buy those double sided tape dispensers that fit inside the palm of your hand. After a while, I found myself buying two or three at a time whenever I went to the craft store. Then I was introduced to the ATG 700 tape gun. A roll of tape is less than $2.50 for 36 yards. Is that a bargain or what? I bought the tape gun from,, years ago. So far, this place has the best prices (in my opinion) for the ATG 700 dispenser and tape refills. I bought the adapter for the tape gun so I could use the 1/4 inch tape refill. My sister-in-law and I like the 1/4 inch tape. It seems to roll more smoothly than the standard tape size.

Okay, now I'm getting sleepy. I have to get up earlier than usual these next couple of days because the streets I usually take to work are going to be closed due to the All Star Game and all the festivities. So, I have to take an alternate route to and from work. But that's okay, all is good!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a great week!

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Sketch Challenge

Hey, it's Friday! Just wanted to make a quick post of this card I made for Jen's sketch challenge. This is the first time I've ever worked off a sketch. I like the idea of sketches because sometimes it can take me forever to come up with a card layout. Sketches are great card making & scrapbooking tools. Have marvelous weekend!

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