Saturday, July 28, 2007

Twin pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of my twin and me! My sis looks slightly taller cause she was wearing heels but we're identical, born one minute apart. I'm the older one. Twins run in our family, on our dad's side. My husband has identical twin cousins, too. My sister and I are very close and are very similar & different in many ways. We went to a local twin event once and it was a trip seeing so many identical twins at one time! I just discovered this site about twins, Twins Network. It has a lot of info about twins. Cheers!


Jovita said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your sister ~ j

Maria said...

How cool to have a twin. Beautiful pictures of you and your sister! It's nice that you have a sister that you are very close to.


Vicki C said...

ahhh... I want one! darn...guess it's to late for that! How fun to have a twin! you two are beautiful!