Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Business Cards

The kids started school today and I decided to take the day off to do some errands. I went to JoAnn's this morning. All their scrapbook related items are currently 40% off. Only a handful of people were in there so I had a couple of isles all to myself!

I stumbled on to a blog today titled Heartfelt Greetings, by Amy Westerman. Amy has a great site, you have to check it out. She's hosting a contest where you are to make your own business cards. How cool is that?! Amy, if you're reading this, you totally inspired me! I made a variety of business cards for myself. I used flourishes, a stamp set by TAC. To add my own personal touch, I handwrote my name on the cards.

I hope you all get inspired to make your own business cards, too. If you're a papercrafter, you already have all the materials you need. Amy's contest ends at midnight this Saturday. I hope to see your wonderful creations on there. Be inspired! ~Eleanor

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kssdesigns said...

Eleanor, These are beautiful! I love your handwriting too. Wish I could write like that.