Sunday, November 4, 2007

antique faire

We went to the Alameda Antiques & Collectibles Faire this morning. Fun! We did a whole lot of walking. Vendors can only sell items that are 20 years old or older. Here are a few items I found.

Can't wait to use these! Over 25 yards of ribbon and lace for $6.50! One of the packages wasn't even open and it still had the original label on it, "16 yards for twenty-five cents".

I found these glass jars, circa 1930's. The seller had a surplus of glass containers and was selling them at a really great price. I've been looking for clear glass containers to store some of my wood mounted stamps and small ink pads.


Julie said...

Great finds!

Anonymous said...

You bought some great stuff! Your stamps look great in the jars!


My Paper World said...

Your goodies look fab!

suzi finer said...

great finds!

Godelieve said...

These glass containers are great! Fabulous idea to use them for your stamps/inks!