Thursday, January 22, 2009

polka dot challenge

Here's my take on Caardvarks' challenge for the month.

amuse and justjohanna OBP stamps

I used justjohanna's circle dot background stamp on brown cardstock.

And of course, one of my favorite OBP stamps, Alma!


Karrie Baker said...

Oh gosh, this is just too cute! heehee

Marlou said...

looooove this cute card :)

lauren said...

OMG! i am so sorry--when i saw this on flickr (& went bananas over it...for good reason!) i did not realize who had made it! well hello again and can i just say one more time how verrrrrrrrrrry much i ADORE this card!!! ♥

Debbie, said...

Total cuteness! I love pink and brown together. That hat cracks me up every time I see it.