Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank You card

Here's a thank you card I'm sending out this week. All justjohanna stamps. Have a great week!

"How do you know if an angel has crossed your path? Sometimes you don't, because angels often appear as coincidences. That is, they seem like chance events, but they are really part of God's carefully orchestrated plan for your life."
-Gary Kinnaman, "Angels Dark and Light"


Deborah said...

your wings are great! Angels are needed over at my blog, please check RAK out. Have a great week! deb

Dana said...

So clever! Love the white wings!

Maria said...

Such a cute card! Very angelic! Great job Eleanor!


My Paper World said...

Ahhh! very cute, I love the wings!

Kathi Rerek said...

Great card. Those wings are wonderful!