Sunday, September 2, 2007

Coit Tower

Today, we walked up to Coit Tower in San Francisco. Yes, we walked all the way up and back down! Yikes! The steps going up to Coit Tower are only a couple of blocks from where I work. We discovered a beautiful part of San Francisco we've never seen before! I felt like a tourist but these are just a few of the sites I take for granted living so close to the City. The walk up to Coit Tower was beautifully landscaped. I wish I could share all the pictures with you. I forgot to bring my other camera lense but these pictures still capture the beauty of the City. Enjoy!

A view of Alcatraz.

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A view of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building.

A picture of a teeny tiny street on the way up to Coit Tower.

A picture of one of the murals inside Coit Tower.


C70 said...

Those are beautiful photos!

Thanks for the compliment about my page and for visiting my blog (was just wondering how you came across it?) :)


Jovita said...

Eleanor your pictures are wonderful, they make me want to visit San Fan. :)

Maria said...

Awesome pictures Eleanor. We'll be visiting SF at the end of the month. I can't wait. I love SF and jump at the chance to go there as often as I can.

What's a good Chinese restaurant and good place to get some dim sum? What other restaurant do you recommend? We'll be near the wharf so it has to be somewhere nearby. The last time we were there, we ate at the Mandarin Restaurant. Kinda pricey but it was pretty good.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your pictures!


Corie said...

Wow great pictures -- thanks for sharing!!

Philippa said...

My hubby and I visited San Francisco in Jan '94. We didn't get to visit Coit Tower but I have a picture of a street sign pointing to it!